Kent, Kent State in a city-university partnership

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KENT — There are a lot of good things happening at Kent State University. Enrollment is up — and the school is expanding its campus into the downtown area.

It’s a multi-year project that benefits a lot of people and the local economy.

The motto at Kent State University is “building the future,” and that’s being done in a very big way.

It’s part of a unique $100 million partnership with the city of Kent that seems to be working out quite well for everybody involved.

These are definitely the best of times for Kent State University. And the same goes for the city of Kent.

Who ever thought downtown Kent would become a destination location?

What had historically been a student hangout for beers and bars has been transformed into a thriving and inviting comfort zone for friends and families.

New retail, restaurants and coffee shops line Main and Erie streets, next door to the KSU hotel and conference center.

The city and university partnership connects the campus with downtown at a time when enrollment has never been greater — 28,000 students.

The university’s construction has been no less dramatic.

Newer dormitories dot the landscape, as well as the new Reissman Plaza next to the student center.

Still to come — a new school of architecture, technology and art — a $200 million undertaking.




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