Remember when you were growing up and your parents would come home from work on a Friday night, pick up the phone and order a pizza for the family?

PIZZAFIRE is way better!  At PIZZAFIRE, everyone gets to create their own pizza!  And there are so many choices!  With 6 different sauces, 5 different cheeses, and 40 fresh toppings, you can create your very own pizza masterpiece!

We use only fresh ingredients and make our dough fresh daily.  We then let it age for 24-48 hours to bring out all of the natural flavor!  We handcrush the tomatoes for our Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Sauce, and then add only Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Some Italian spices and Fresh Basil.  No sugar, no preservatives, just sweet tomato flavor!

And speaking of Fresh Basil, we actually grow our own Basil and Romaine Lettuce in the store in a hydroponic cooler!  You won’t find a fresher salad anywhere since we will pick it first thing every morning.

Once your pizza masterpiece is created, we fire it up in our 800 degree imported Italian oven, and in only 180 seconds, your pizza is completely ready!

PIZZAFIRE Your Number 1 place to build your own favorite pizza, Fast and Fresh!


220 S Depeyster Unit 103

330. 474.7730



Sun-Wed: 11:00am – 11pm

Thur-Sat: 11:00am – 3am